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Thank you for choosing East Coast Productions to entertain you and your guests!  Please provide the following information to allow us to complete your contract.  You will be contacted   to provide credit card information for the security deposit.  Upon receiving your information a copy of the contract will be on its way to you within 24 hours.
Below are the terms of the contract:

It is understood that this contract is binding on both parties.  It cannot be altered unless agreed to, in writing, by both parties.  Deposit is non-refundable.  Payment may be made by money order, personal check or cash.  Cancellation of the engagement by the client must be in writing not later than 24 hours prior to event date and may be rescheduled for any day during the original contracted calendar year if the contractor can reschedule.  Failure to properly cancel the event will result in the contracted balance being due.  If a refund is due because of cancellation, allow 6-8 weeks for refund.    East Coast Productions is not liable for more than the total amount of this contract for any reason.  It is understood and agreed that East Coast Productions shall have the right to assign this agreement to any successor, or to any direct or indirect subsidiary of client.  Client agrees to provide a standard electrical outlet (110v).  East Coast Productions is not responsible for damages done to their equipment by anyone other than themselves. The Client will be responsible if such unfortunate circumstances should arise and will compensate East Coast Productions accordingly.  East Coast Productions is not bound to this contract in any event which would prevent East Coast Productions from fulfilling this contract.  CLIENT shall at all times have complete control, direction and supervision of the performing Disc-Jockeys at the engagement.  Failure to disclose any stairs used to gain access to the performance area will result in no guarantee of start time.  If a music request sheet is provided, the Disc-Jockey shall attempt to play the music requested but shall not be held responsible if certain selections are unavailable.  In the event that the Disc-Jockey falls in harms way, the Disc-Jockey reserves the right to cease performance. Client shall be responsible for payment in full, regardless of whether the situation is resolved or unresolved, and whether or not the Disc-Jockey resumes performance.  East Coast Productions will be granted access to the location of the event at least two hours prior to the arrival of guests for set-up and sound check, and one hour of time for removal of equipment after the event. In the event the location of the event has its only access via stairs that were not disclosed on the face of this contract, starting time is not guaranteed.  Client agrees to absorb any fines, fees or clean-up costs as a direct result of the production requested by Client.  In the event that a lawsuit should arise out of contract between Client and East Coast Productions Client agrees that said case would reside at a Burlington County venue.  If children are present at a primarily adult function, parents will keep children under control, otherwise, we will bring the situation under control as the Disc-Jockey sees fit.  Client agrees to give East Coast Productions permission to use professional photos or videos of this event in promotional material.  If Client has asked East Coast Productions to provide dinner music, a meal must be provided for the Disc-Jockeys. When inclement weather prevents travel home, client must provide sleeping arrangements for East Coast Productions personnel.  Non Sufficient Fund Checks add additional $35.00. Add additional $15.00 for each collection attempt whether by phone or in writing. Attempts will be made weekly, by phone, mail, or e-mail.

PLEASE NOTE: By submitting your information you are indicating that you agree with the terms of the contract and intending to secure our services. 

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